Manufactured in the USA, like all G.Loomis rods, the G.Loomis NRX Casting Rods provide anglers with the most dynamic, lightweight and sensitive rods G. Loomis has ever created. Remarkable. John Duncan:  Amazingly similar to the 4100-4, the NRX+ 5100-4 is an astounding pure caster for a trout rod of this length. The new Orvis Helios 3F, the G.Loomis NRX and the new T&T Exocett all finish in a close heat for 3 rd place, in both the Overall and Performance scores. It features a modern fast action that perfectly matches the demands of most anglers fishing the 6-weight line. The G. Loomis PRO4x comfortably handled any task we threw at it. I would say you would absolutely love that rod for what you are describing. The result is often a setup that performs multiple functions only moderately well, as opposed to a setup that performs one particular function extraordinarily well. This rod is certainly lighter in the hand than the GLX and is a much more castable rod than both the GLX and the NRX, but it still possesses that stout and solid feel that old school Loomis fans adore. It throws long, elegant loops with tremendous feel and control. An excellent and welcoming 10-foot 6-weight that is ready for whatever you have to throw at it. So, the NRX+ 486-4 LP is a nice dry fly rod for calm conditions and average size flies. This 5-weight is very capable of handling light tippets in the 6X class with its supple tip and more limber profile. A Rio Flats Pro line would probably be the best overall match in terms of rod loading and general purpose fishing performance. Richard Post:  Another great 6-weight from the NRX+ lineup, the 690 is an awesome rod. Richard Post:  Single hand steelhead and salmon fisherman take note, there is a new standard 10-foot 8-weight out there and it is the NRX+ 8100. The NRX+ 490 straddles the divide between a slower action and a faster action 9 foot 4-weight. John Duncan:  Simply stunning. It casts overhead and with every permutation of single hand Spey stroke with command and touch. Scott F Series vs. Sage Dart: Comp on the Creek! I think the 4100 is where I would go for a 10-foot trout rod, but for anglers fishing large rivers, bigger nymph rigs or stillwaters with streamers from a float tube, the NRX+ 5100 is your stick. It balances perfectly with standard weight reels enabling crisp and direct casting. The lightness of this rod for its weight and length is unbelievable, unmatched in any comparable fly rod. This is an incredible fishing tool that you’ll cast all day without fatigue. I settled on the SA MPX WF4F as the best all-arounder for this rod. With a dry fly, it needs about 20-30’ of line in the air to push through its stiff tip and get into that nice, soft middle section. It is a little tight in close, but certainly workable. Does this high-end drop handle the complete gamut of fishing lines. I wouldn’t call this a trout rod personally, but it would be a dream for summer run steelhead. Everyone should own a designated dry fly 4-weight, even if it’s not a good choice for aggressive angling situations. A phenomenal rod that is ready to go to the big rivers and play with hard fighting anadromous fish, check this stick out for your next steelhead or salmon trip. John Duncan:  The NRX+ 890-4 is almost identical to the 790-4 in feel and casting characteristics. So, if you want a 6-weight dry fly rod, this rod is wonderful. models, and a hybrid guide design. This 10-weight is very approachable to the average trout angler without being a “soft rod” in any way. Impressions: In my hands, the NRX+ 690-4 LP is primarily a dry fly 6-weight. Total Score: 8.42 - A Quick Review of the G Loomis NRX+. Indeed, it swings light for its length. November 15, 2019. This rod is so much more stable than its predecessor that it gives the illusion of being a stiffer, faster action rod. The NRX+ 590 is an improvement over the NRX in every way. These are well designed fly rods that have tempered the Loomis reputation as a one trick pony, but from one generation of rods to the next, almost all G.Loomis … The original NRX 9’ 4-weight was one of our favorites in that series, but the new model surpasses it in every category:  range, accuracy, line speed, touch and loop control. Some anglers say that G Loomis rods are the best choice, especially if you fish fly often or for an extended period. models, and a hybrid guide design. Richard Post:  This is a fun mid-length 3-weight. Lightly used. You can feel this even with a roll cast. Richard Post:   The action of the NRX+ 1190 resembles the NRX+ 9-weight more than the 10-weight and reminds me of the GLX rods. Our friends at Loomis attribute this to numerous micro taper changes within the blank, a masterpiece of rod design. I threw it with both an SA Grand Slam taper and a Rio Tarpon line and didn’t really care for either. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Like the 490-4 and 590-4, the 690-4 cast both short and long with equal loop control and line speed. The G. Loomis crew did a fine job assembling my 6-weight IMX PRO. Very few rod and line combinations are sweeter than this model with a Trout Taper. The extra reach helps with distance casting, line mending, roll casting and lifting a long line off the water for your next cast. It has a lot of stability built into the blank and makes for an extremely even casting big fly rod. blank. I came back with a Rio Direct Core Bonefish 7-weight, which was much better. Being able to throw tight stable loops into the wind at 70 or at 25 feet with great accuracy really made this rod stand out. NRX Fly Rods are made in USA with the nano-resin technology and are 25% lighter in weight and 20% stronger per model than any previous series of fly rods that G. Loomis has made before. This rod would be hard to improve. These rods are not just a little more accurate. They look great too. The 873 is for 3/8 to 5/8 and the 894 is for 3/8 to just under an oz. The NRX+ has three sub-categories of rods: the NRX+ LP, which offers a slower action for dry fly anglers and slow-tempo casters; the NRX+ freshwater series, offering fast action fly rods for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, pike and other species (line weights 4-8); and saltwater rods in line weights 7-12. Physical weight   — a new resin Loomis is calling “G8” reduces blank weight by 15% while improving durability by preventing the spread of “bruises” caused by impacts to the fly rod. As with other 10-foot rods, I prefer a line with a long taper to give this long single handed fly rod a chance to manipulate the fly line best at distance. Also, I’m really glad Loomis put a Wells grip on this rod, more natural for aggressive casting. This is a wonderful 9 foot 4-weight. This makes them possibly the lightest and strongest rod per model made in the world. Fine tune this 4-weight to your specific task and rest assured the rod will surpass your expectations. I loved them all. The cosmetics on these rods are much improved over the NRX. At mid-length distances to 40 feet the rod was dreamy and the supple crispness to the blank made me feel totally at ease. John Duncan:  This is my favorite heavy saltwater rod in the series, the one that feels lightest and smoothest relative to its line weight. result is a blank that is designed to be lighter, more sensitive, and 20% more A Rio Gold is a great option as well for the angler looking to throw a slightly larger fly or fish a reasonable indicator rig. Richard Post:   The NRX+ 1290 has power for days and despite its line weight is a pretty easy caster and much more castable rod than the original NRX. This new graphite is an [G.Loomis NRX+ fast action freshwater rod pages] Over about 25’, however, the loop control, line speed and touch are marvelous. Why? The is The NRX+ 4100 features an aluminum uplocking reel seat with a smart looking small fighting butt appropriate for its line weight. This 9-weight feels like a great striper and sinking line fly rod possessing great strength in the blank and loads of stability. rod features a cork handle. We’ve long found the notion of ‘switch’ rods to be a bit misleading. Loomis has produced a 7-weight that is smooth casting, very stable and highly versatile. The “X” that we see in the NRX and other G Loomis rods stands for technology. It’s a long range 11-weight, casting best in the 50-90 foot range. My favorite line for calm day dry fly fishing is definitely the SA Trout Taper. different than the ultra high modulus GLX graphite. The NRX+ 490-4 is fast, but progressive, flexing evenly with each additional increment of line in the air or power applied in the casting stroke. On that level, I recommend a Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line, SA Andro taper, SA Distance Taper or at least an SA MPX over weight forward lines with shorter heads, such as the Rio Gold. oriented drop shot rod, the 822DSR. John Duncan:  When I first picked up this rod, it felt more substantial than others in the series. Pieces: 3. Short casts will be tough because the rod doesn’t load and create line speed until the whole head is in the air and the caster applies a double haul. As long as most of the stuff you will be tossing clears 3… Fish it with a long tapered line, such as the SA Mastery Anadro taper or Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line. John Duncan:  This is a physically light rod with explosive casting capability, but like the 11-weight, it’s happiest at distance. EXCLUSIVE NRX TECHNOLOGY OFFERED IN 16 FLY RODS . At distance, the casting loop is incredibly flat and tight, just spectacular. I now use the 11 weight one piece with a Gulfstream in lieu of my Pro1 12wt (which I keep with a Pacific on it), Two are one piece, others are four piece. I hate to say it, but this rod is a real quiver killer. John Duncan:  Loomis designed this model as a big water stick that would be light enough to fish as your everyday fly rod. The SA MPX is probably the best overall line for this rod as the ½ size heavy head loads the blank more deeply and the long rear taper offers substantial control at distance. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout taper was a lovely pairing and matched the action of the rod superbly. The rod is efficient and hugely powerful. The lightness of the rod with the precision of the taper hide the extra foot of graphite exquisitely. If you want a rod with a little more punch than the NRX+ LP 690 or you prefer your 6-weight with a small fighting butt, this is a rod to consider. Starting with fly in hand, it casts laser loops from 10’ to over 90’. Richard Post:  This is a superb 9 foot 4-weight, truly outstanding! Richard Post:  Take notice of the NRX+ 10-foot trout rods. brand new blank material, a split grip, skeltonized reel seat on the casting Both the tip and butt are quite stiff. The NRX comes in nine unique models specifically designed for the inshore saltwater fisherman ranging from 6’8″ to 7’8″ overall length with both fast and extra-fast actions and power ranges from medium-light to medium heavy. Richard Post:  I can’t say enough about the 10-foot NRX+ rods. My favorite lines were the SA Trout tapers and the Rio Technical Trout line. John Duncan:  This is a lovely caster and fine representative of the NRX+ LP series. John Duncan:  This rod has that addictive, springy feel that makes the LP series so compelling. Richard Post:  The NRX+ LP 690 was my favorite rod of the new NRX+ LP lineup. In the NRX Series, Rajeff introduced “Light Presentation” models as moderate action counterparts for the 9’ 4-weight and 9’ 5-weight. John Duncan:  Does not generate high line speed, but the NRX+ 486-4 LP is very stable and offers excellent loop control. G. Loomis designed this rod to be a perfect rod for the angler who only wants one rod, but it also excels as the perfect travel rod when you don’t know exactly what conditions you’ll find at your destinations. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. It's also an excellent choice when you're fishing the flats for redfish or snook and the wind's really howling. In September this year, we had the privilege of spending a week with the new NRX+ 8133-3 from G. Loomis. google_color_link = "006699"; We were not disappointed. This model is very easy overhead and unlike many 10-foot single hand rods, you do not have to change your casting stroke to accommodate the extra length in the blank. shot rod really deliver on all fronts when it comes to weight, sensitivity and That rod was loved and proven as a top performing 9 foot 8-weight across the range. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The rod was good with the Rio Gold, but I liked it a little more with the SA Infinity WF5F (also my favorite line pairing on the Asquith 590). There is also a ton of strength in this blank for pulling on large fish. An excellent all-purpose bigger game rod. I really expected them to feel heavy, but they do not. Richard Post:  A very nice casting and handling 8 foot 6 inch 4-weight with a playful action that welcomes the caster. Fish it with any common salmon/steelhead fly line for terrific results. An airy swing weight and a sustained feeling of connectedness through the cast implore the caster to take another false cast. The 10, 11 and 12-weights in this series feel like they were designed for fishing with the SA Grand Slam Taper and other load-and-shoot style saltwater lines. I would not hesitate to add this rod to a quiver that already has a faster or slower 4-weight. With a dry fly or light nymph rig, however, go with a Rio Gold. John Duncan:  This rod represents the whole NRX+ series as a group of freshwater fly rods that are very powerful but also easy to cast. durability? The 595 NRX+ is also the most specialized rod in this lineup and it is designed as a light tippet, small fly technical tailwater fly rod. It casts a Rio Direct Core Tarpon line very well beyond 50 feet, but needs a Rio Outbound or other short, heavy-headed line to work in close. As we noted when we wrote about the Asquith back in July, Shimano has a lot of fancy words — ones like "InfinityTape" and "Musclecarbon" — that it uses to describe exactly what Spiral-X is and what it does, … This reflects incredible refinement in the tapers and probably a ton of prototyping along the way. Here's an honest G. Loomis Asquith Review that answers the question of whether or not a $1000 fly rod is worth it. I paid $50.00 for the rod. This is important with a rod of this size. For an all around trout line, go with the Gold and for a technical dry fly rod pick up a Rio Technical Trout or an SA Trout. If you’re looking for a fast action 4-weight that doesn’t pigeon hole the angler into power techniques, you’ve found the rod. Casting accuracy is tremendous because there is so little lateral sway through the stroke. They flex in perfect concert with the amount of fly line in the air and power applied to the cast. It’s like a car that goes 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, but 60-120 mph in 4 seconds. Now G Loomis says I … The 10’ rods in this series are truly impressive. There is no small fighting butt on this model. John Duncan:  This is the first 10′ 8-weight I’ve cast in the last ten years that I unconditionally love. google_ad_height = 600; The spinning durable than GLX. google_ad_width = 120; Fish it with either an SA Trout Taper or Rio Gold for spectacular results. Richard Post:  This was the most surprising rod to me in the NRX+ lineup. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Specifications, Our first Terminal Tackle | I first cast the 590-4 with a Rio InTouch Gold and had no interest in trying different lines. This is a very fun rod and it is appropriately tuned to its task. I personally really liked it, not only because it stood out The NRX+ 690 presents a strong argument as the new standard for this style of fly rod. If you’re a G.Loomis fan and you want a 10-weight that can do it all without killing your casting arm, check out this rod. it took so long to implement some of these designs. John Duncan:  The light tipped design of the 10’ 4-weight makes it castable all day for the high stick nympher or float tube angler. This is a true 6-weight capable of handling sinking and heavy headed lines while feeling very good with a hopper and an all around trout line. WOODLAND, Washington USA - ICAST Show 2010 Introduction - Anglers around the globe realize G.Loomis is a long-time leader in graphite rod blank technology. [G.Loomis NRX+ fast action freshwater rod pages]. Overhead casting is a breeze and a welcomed relief compared to other 10-foot 7-weights and as one would expect roll casting with this rod is pure magic. undertaking for the G.Loomis brand which is deeply rooted in tradition. Richard Post:  The NRX+ 590 has a slightly quicker tempo and casts much more off the tip than the NRX+ LP 590. Richard Post:  This rod feels a little different from the rest of the NRX+ lineup. Like its cousins, the 486-4 possesses that lovely elastic feel in the upper mid-section that entices the caster to make lots of false casts with 30 feet of line in the air. Our first review of an NRX rod... the finesse drop shot rod in the series . Pick up this rod and know you can get the job done. Feeling this rod load and cast is something special and it gave me the warm fuzzy feeling I get with rods I’ve fished for a decade or more. //-->, What the Finesse: A Different I liked the absolute power that the original NRX 10-weight possessed, but I felt like that rod was meant for the upper 10% of fly casters. With a Rio Gold the rod was superb and exuded the qualities of a true all around 4-weight for trout. To me, the other 10-footers in this series were a little smoother in the 30-50 foot range, but that’s splitting hairs. This rod is a perfectly tuned medium action 5-weight capable of being a go-to 5-weight for everyday trout work and fitting into the quiver as a specialized technical 5-weight with a lighter touch. Autopsy,