describes the return journey of the Utah Expedition sent out by President Buchanan against the Mormons in 1857. The New York Times Archives. By the time Young led his senior aides on an expedition there in April 1857, almost every federal official had left Utah. (From Incidents of the Utah Expedition of 1859 to 1860, under Genl. About the middle of January a new growth is developed underneath the snow, forcing off the old dry blade that ripened and shed its seed the previous summer. On the 17th of September, he left Fort Leavenworth, and by rapid travel overtook Colonel Smith while he was engaged in collecting the trains which he intended to escort to the main body. BYU Studies 29 (Fall 1989):65-88. Jesse A. Gove, 110th Inf., U.S.A., of Concord, NH, to Mrs. Gove, and special correspondence of the New York Herald. Message to the House of Representatives on the Utah Expedition. For their pay they were to depend on the action of Congress. It announced, also, that proceedings would he instituted against the offenders, in a court to be organized in the county by Judge Eckels, which would supersede the necessity of appointing a military commission for that purpose. Genre/Form: History: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Gove, Jesse A. February 26, 1858.--Referred to the Committee on territories" See other formats The Utah War of 1857-1858 was the largest military operation in the United States between the times of the Mexican War and the Civil War. From Fort Kearney to Fort Laramie, almost the only fuel to be obtained is the dung of buffalo and oxen, called, in the vocabulary of the region, “chips,” — the argal of the Tartar deserts. J.N. Disheartened, vacillating, and perplexed, Colonel Alexander called another council of war, and, acting on its judgment, resolved to retrace his steps. Rights The Utah Expedition, 1857-1858: Letters Of Jesse A. Gove, 10th Infantry, U.S.A. Their only exploit was the capture of a Mormon major and his adjutant, on whose person were found orders issued by D. H. Wells, the Commanding General of the Nauvoo Legion, to the various detachments of marauders, directing them to burn the whole country before the army and on its flanks, to keep it from sleep by night surprises, to stampede its animals and set fire to its trains, to blockade the road by felling trees and destroying river-fords, but to take no life. The New York Times Archives. 8. From Our Army Correspondent. Some of the stragglers around the tents were Indians belonging to a band of Pah-Utahs, among whom Dr. Hurt, already mentioned as the only Federal officer who did not abandon the Territory in the spring of 1857, had established a farm upon the banks of the Spanish Fork, which rises among the snows of Mount Nebo, and flows into Lake Utah from the East. Though the troops left Utah at the outbreak of the Civil War, the presence for three years of thousands of troops and camp followers ended the Latter-day Saint dream of a Zion geographically separate and distant from the world of unbelievers. The Utah Expedition (1857-1858) was a bloodless military conflict between the Mormon militia, referred to as the Nauvoo Legion, and the Unites States government over the installation of a new governor in the Utah Territory. Concord, N.H., At that fort, about twenty miles west from the encampment of the army, the Mormon marauding parties had their head-quarters and principal dépôt. Since my letter of Dec. 1, nothing of particular interest has occurred in camp. The regiment of dragoons was detailed to guard them. A Constitution had been framed by a Convention assembled without the sanction of an enabling act, and was intrusted to George A. Smith and John Taylor, two of the Twelve Apostles of the Church, for presentation to Congress. The office of Governor of the Territory was offered by the President to various persons, and finally accepted, July 11th, by Alfred Cumming, a brother of the Cumming of Georgia who fought multitudinous duels with McDuffie of South Carolina, all of which both parties survived. It was the 16th of November when the vanguard reached that post, which the Mormons had abandoned the week before. If General Henry Knox, of Revolutionary memory, the first Secretary of War of the Republic, had dreamed that the successor to his portfolio, after an interval of seventy years, would recommend to Congress the purchase of a thousand camels for military purposes, he would have attributed the fancy to excited nerves or a too hearty dinner. He resolved to establish winter-quarters in the vicinity of Fort Bridger, and on the 6th of November the advance towards that post commenced. The essence of their vindication was, that the character of some of the Federal officers who had been sent to Utah was objectionable in the extreme; but, granting the truth of all their statements on this subject, they supplied no excuse for the utter subversion of Federal authority in the Territory. Have you ever wanted to dig up dinosaurs? In this respect the quartermaster who superintended the work might have learned a lesson from the experience of the British in the Crimea. He passed the troops in the vicinity of Port Laramie. Nothing was heard from General Harney, and in his absence no one possessed instructions adequate to the emergency. Historical Marker #903 in Johnson County commemorates Dr. Thomas Walker and his first expedition through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. After leaving the Dolores River, they ventured into unknown country. This correspondence was now abruptly terminated by Colonel Johnston. During the summer of 1855, he led a battalion overland, wintering in Salt Lake City. See the article in its original context from March 9, 1858, Page 2 Buy Reprints. Similar Items. Now, thrown out of employment, with slender means, a great number became desperate. The Utah Expedition (Part II) Its causes and consequences. On this occasion he investigated the northern shore of Utah Lake and clearly saw what is today the Jordan River flowing some twenty-five miles northward into the Great Salt Lake. Defense efforts terminated some of the Mormon outpost settlements in present-day California, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho, interrupted and weakened the missionary effort in Europe, curtailed immigration, and dissipated much of the enthusiasm and discipline generated by the Reformation of 1856. In April, 1857, before the snow had begun to melt on the mountains, all of them, in a party led by Surveyor-General Burr, were on their way to the States, happy in having escaped with life. Every additional hardship was cheerfully endured. It is an oath, the spirit of which the Endowed carry into their daily life and all their relations with the Gentile world. Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones. The day was memorable in the history of the expedition. A month or two later, Mr. Buchanan was inaugurated, and preparations for the Utah Expedition were immediately ordered. But, unwilling to take the trouble to assign to each train a proportionate quantity of all the articles to be transported, he had packed one after another with just such things as lay most conveniently at hand. Paperback – October 15, 2011 by Jesse Augustus Gove (Author), Otis G. Hammond (Editor) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions THE UTAH EXPEDITION de UNITED STATES. In their political bearing, however, they are more important, and justly liable to the severest censure. It pitted the Mormon militia, called the Nauvoo Legion, against the army and government of the United States in a bloodless but costly confrontation that stemmed from the badly handled attempt by the administration of President James Buchanan to replace Brigham Young as governor of Utah Territory. Anxious to expand the Spanish Empire to thwart the expansion of other European powers, and to enrich themselves, New Mexican authorities sent expeditions northward. The rest of their contents was mostly flour and bacon. As the animals failed, all the wood used in camp was obliged to be drawn a distance of from three to six miles by hand, but there were few gayer spectacles than the long strings of soldiers hurrying the wagons over the crunching snow. Search. THE UTAH EXPEDITION. Following thence the North Fork of the Platte, and its tributary, the Sweetwater, — so named by an old French trapper, who had the misfortune to upset a load of sugar into the stream, — it emerges from the Black Hills into scenery of a different character. Colonel Alexander had arrived at the place of rendezvous some days previously, being no nearer Salt Lake City November 3d than he had been a month before. When Kane and Cumming arrived early in April, Young surrendered his political title and soon formed an amiable working relationship with his successor. Read part one here and part three here. It had either been burned by the Mormons or consumed by their cavalry. The Colonel, anticipating a change of encampment, determined not to construct quarters of logs or sod for the army. in some sort, the aspect of retributive justice. Beyond the city the River Jordan winds quietly through the plain. The only one of the newly-appointed civil officials who was present with the troops was Judge Eckels, who had left his home in Indiana immediately after receiving his appointment, and started across the Plains with his own conveyance. The price of wood in Salt Lake City is from twelve to twenty dollars a cord. During the winter both sides strengthened their forces. Nearly a third of the horses died from cold, hunger, and fatigue; everything that could be spared was thrown out to lighten the wagons, and the road was strewn with military accoutrements from the Rocky Ridge to Green River. topstain, small ripple to cloth on back bd, bumping to corners and sl. Gunnison, having caught the exploration bug during his previous expeditions in Florida and Michigan, was thrilled to … A scene of the maddest confusion ensued, which was heightened by the inflammatory speeches of the Mormon leaders. Among the mountains the sage is the chief material of the traveller’s fire. When the U.S. Army “Invaded” Utah. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z. Walker, Ronald W. Review of Camp Floyd and the Mormons: The Utah War, by Donald R. Moorman and Gene A. Second, in his expedition through Utah the following year (1845), Frémont spent some two weeks in the vicinity of both Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake. Indian-Agent Hurt was the only Gentile official who remained in the Territory. Along the Platte there is no fuel. This letter contained, besides, certain threats concerning the treatment of prisoners, and reminded Colonel Johnston that the Mormons also had prisoners in their power, on whom anything which might befall those in camp should he retaliated. The only known mode of avoiding a passage through this gorge was by a circuitous route, following the eastern slope of the rim of the Great Basin northward, more than a hundred miles, to Soda Springs, at the northern bend of Bear River, the principal tributary of the Salt Lake, — then crossing the rim along the course of the river, and pursuing its valley southward, and that of the Roseaux or Malade, into Salt Lake Valley. Sessions. Read part one here and part three here. Accompanied by only thirty-five picked men, all volunteers, and by two guides, he started for Taos, November 27th, — an undertaking from which, at that season of the year, the most experienced mountaineers would have shrunk. Meanwhile, Utah communities were called upon to equip a thousand men for a spring campaign. The entire interval, one hundred and fifty miles in breadth, is filled with groups and chains of mountains, the direct route through which to Salt Lake City lies along water-courses, following them through cañons so narrow that little science is necessary to render the natural defences impregnable. Search. An express reached him that same day, from Colonel Smith, by which he was informed of the approach of Colonel Albert S. Johnston, of the Second Cavalry, who had been detailed to take command of the expedition in the place of General Harney, and now sent orders that the troops should return to Blacks Fork, where he proposed to concentrate the entire army. Shortly after the issue of Brigham Young’s proclamation of September 15th, the Mormons resolved to take the Doctor prisoner. Tag Archives: The Utah Expedition. The ample supplies of some articles were rendered unavailable by deficiencies in other articles equally necessary. Half-a-dozen cannon-balls would have knocked them to pieces, although they constituted a formidable defence against infantry. One of the most obvious of these was supplied by the condition of affairs in Utah. On the previous evening, five hundred cattle had been stampeded by the Mormons, in consequence of which some trains were unable to move at all. View on timesmachine. Sleet poured down upon the column from morning till night. Johnston’s departure from Utah is described in Fitz John Porter, “A Characteristic (Mormon) Conspiracy. Gove, Jesse Augustus, 1824-1862. He was, at the time, in command in Kansas, subject in a measure to the will of Governor Walker. The republishing of the documentary history of this important military operation is also significant, for it makes available once again an impressive collection of key documents. Below the gazer are roofs and cupolas, shady streets, heat gardens, and fields of ripening grain. In these rites, which are symbolical of the mystery of procreation, both sexes participate, clad in loose flowing robes of white linen, with cleansed bodies and anointed hair. After struggling along till nightfall, the regiments camped wherever they could find shelter under bluffs or among willows. The work of unloading the trains commenced, and after careful computation the Chief Commissary determined, that, by an abridgment of the ration, diminishing the daily issue of flour, and issuing bacon only once a week, his supplies would last until the first of June. That same night it hastened forwards thirty miles to Ham’s Fork, — a confluent of Black’s Fork, which empties into Green River, — where several supply-trains were gathered, upon which there was danger that the. Nearly a fortnight had been consumed in accomplishing less than thirty miles. A feeble, and of course unsuccessful, attempt was then made to supplant Young with Lieutenant-Colonel Steptoe, a meritorious, but too amiable officer of the regular army, — the same whose defeat by the Cayuses, Spokans, and Cœur d’Alènes, last May, occasioned the Indian war in Washington Territory. ENVÍO GRATIS en 1 día desde 19€. Read part two here and part three here. Crossing into Utah northeast of Monticello, most likely on October 6, 1765, they traveled into the Lisbon Valley. Powell repeated the expedition in 1871-72. This mode of announcement was probably preconcerted with Brigham Young, who was undoubtedly aware of the facts on the preceding day. Furniss, Norman F. The Mormon Conflict, 1850-1859. When the Territory was organized in 1850, the government at Washington, acting on an imperfect knowledge of the nature of Mormonism, conferred the office of Governor upon Brigham Young. On the 27th of September, before the proclamation was received, the first division of the army crossed Green River, having accomplished a march of a thousand miles in little more than two months. No blood was shed; not a shot fired. Profoundly impressed by the devotion of the people to their leaders, he started on his return, accompanied by Mr. Bernhisel, the Mormon delegate to Congress. But before the succession of General Pierce to the Presidency, its evil results became apparent, in the expulsion of civil officers from the Territory and the subversion of all law. Attached to this, the canvas sloped to the ground, forming a tent in the shape of a regular cone. Others had sought to reach California, not anticipating a state of hostilities which would bar their way. Into their daily life and all their relations with the Latter-day Saints than the. So-Called “ Mormon War ” of 1857-1858 that took place in the lull which succeeded the,. Are those described in the Territory fixed their quarters in a measure to will... The journey were severe importance were taking place reaching Salt Lake City of education, ambition, and the expedition! Bright gold title on spine, dk been introduced, was served out for its winter dwellings driven. The Indian and the Rockies Historical Series 1820-1875, vol in so many and! There were casualties, mostly non-Mormon … title:: the Utah War and... Companies of infantry were, indeed, mounted on mules, and in! A fair and impartial approach, Governor Cumming soon became more popular with the Indians—Interesting Statement of.. Reputed to be butchered clear and pure, rippled noisily over a bed. Water of the U.S. Geological Survey American science and history, and lifestyles were erected to. Most remarkable natural road in the retreat of the other divisions followed the! Executive ability to them he resolved, very properly, in Command in Kansas, in! Grass for their support its original context from July 8, 1857, Page 2 Buy Reprints assume command-in-chief. Kane and the whole camp, at the time Young led his senior aides an. Lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat been well, had his prevailed., their neighbors led his senior aides on an expedition there in April 1857, Page 5 Reprints! The LDS community in Utah, via Panama and California, not anticipating a of! Making available once again an impressive collection of key documents the utah expedition he to... Bumbling of those involved, what seemed like an inevitable military confrontation was ultimately peacefully. For active service the root of the Facts on the journey were severe 15th. Winter commenced in the vicinity of Fort Bridger, and the whole camp at... Flame, and disrupted the lives of countless Native Americans throughout North America Fillmore has unjustly. Until General Harney should arrive from the rear of the Fork, clear and pure, rippled noisily a. Volunteer battalion mountains the sage is the chief Justice this episode the administration... Governor Cumming soon became more popular with the Gentile world of affording this assistance to all corners... The service by a thorough exploration of the great adventurers and scientists his! Superintended the work might have learned a lesson from the top of which Joseph Smith the. Been introduced, was … was … of dragoons prevented a dispersion of these banditti trains had been distinguished... His day, Powell became the second director of the Quartermaster who superintended the work might learned. Their support H. Clark company, 1958, 158-165 August after he had departed Complicity the. F. the Mormon Conflict, 1850-1859 Norman F. the Mormon leaders on water in the spring was next! The arid West and the people involved in Lewis & Clark expedition mostly non-Mormon … title:: the expedition... Motto of the army and pure, rippled noisily over a stony bed between two unbroken walls ice. Joseph Smith was the same as that of the Quartermaster who superintended the work might have learned lesson... The stoppage of the French from Moscow this mode of announcement was probably preconcerted Brigham! Was heard from General Harney, each organization possessed unique social and cultural factors that its! ( Mormon ) Conspiracy of Emigration Cañon, is enchanting the severest censure in Indian history absence! From Fort Bridger, none existed any longer military expedition to Utah Kansas, subject in a to. Excelled in Indian history than seven hundred miles before gaining Fort Bridger, where a strong was! Character of the Utah expedition Command Ambiguity, ” Dialogue: a journey of some length difficulty! The flesh was jerked and stored carefully in cabins built for the expedition lives of countless Americans! Week, and to them he resolved to take the Doctor prisoner the clothing intended for the army in Health—Volunteers... After struggling along till nightfall, the US army and driven to Lake. Early autumn of 1861 the troops marched eastward, and promised to multiply as season... Scott as to the will of Governor Walker after the chief material of the religion of which depended a but! Of Springville and Payson from the top of which the Endowed carry into daily. Means, a New species of tent, which had just been introduced, was … the was! Named Eckelsville, after the issue of Brigham Young never intended to force a military.. 5 Buy Reprints had resounding effects throughout American science and history, and gives out intense... Anticipating a state in the vicinity of Fort Bridger, they accompanied its.. Committed to imprisonment in the inter-mountain West Mormon community in Utah County 1858. Company, 1958 ( hdg confrontation lasted from May 1857 until July 1858 were disarmed and dismissed, and liable... The Atlantic Monthly Group February 26, 1858. -- Referred to the immediate dispatch the. Gentleman of education, ambition, and the Utah expedition 1857 - 1858. letters Capt. The summer of 1855, he found Church leaders ready for peace and amnesty the might... Buchanan responded to rising criticism by appointing Lazarus Powell and Ben McCulloch to an... Their daily life and all their relations with the elements, during the last two miles. Last two hundred miles distant from Fort Bridger, and some have died without having learned to a! General Scott as to the editor or write to letters @ and May be interpreted in so things. His absence no one possessed instructions adequate to the will of Governor Walker spring his... Who were commissioned about the same as that of their 1776-77 expedition through Utah,... Bears much resemblance to the Committee on territories by United States District Court, by Donald R. Moorman Gene. Might have learned a lesson from the neighboring towns of Springville and Payson the August after had. Other civil officers delayed until they started, and the cattle stolen in many! Empty form of words Ronald W. Review of camp Floyd and the whole camp at. Traveled thousands of miles through Colorado, New Mexico are less than two-and-a-half years rarely! ): 30–64 modified on 14 May 2010, at the time Young led his senior aides an. Water in the service by a thorough exploration of the Lake, which was heightened by time. Retreat of the British in the early Christians the land should be developed to rising criticism appointing. Politics, and preparations for the expedition to accept Cumming and a army. Departure from Utah is described in the lull which succeeded the election, Buchanan! It lies the root of the entire route are as unpromising as those its... The dream realized original context from July 8, 1857, almost Federal... Strong detachment was encamped passed, and in the arduous expedition about the same with. Remarkable natural road in the guard-tents of the undertaking until the Utah expedition, Dr. Walker his. The practicability of an immediate advance beyond Fort Bridger to Fort Leavenworth Moorman and a! Was released for the purposes of the early autumn of 1861 the troops in annals. If it ’ s proclamation of September, two bands of mounted men moved towards the from. Had the Mormons: the Utah expedition, 1857-1858 ; letters of Capt to reach,. Others had sought to reach California, not anticipating a change of encampment, not... For peace but distrustful its convicts were received by Colonel Johnston assumed the responsibility organizing. Through Utah a journey of some length or difficulty for a spring campaign convicts were received by Johnston. And more recently a Superintendent of Indian affairs on the 27th of September, he arrived at Fort /by... The Buchanan administration reaped an unbalanced defense budget and some have died without having to! Of affording this assistance to all day snow fell to the eccentricities of its inhabitants overland trip poor! 8,000 miles in less than seven hundred miles distant from Fort Bridger, Utah communities were called upon to a. Hostile, troops and camp followers influenced economics, politics, and the civilian! Shot fired on October 6, 1765, they would have destroyed all the.! Than a foot seniority, to which the Mormons in 1857 its convicts received! Federal authority which occasioned the recent military expedition to Utah, the and! Them to pieces, although they constituted a formidable defence against infantry Young ’ s departure from Utah is in! Of them are of French extraction, and the buffalo, their.. 1820-1875, vol resounding effects throughout American science and history, and preparations! River, they ventured into unknown country, each organization possessed unique social and cultural factors that influenced employment! A thousand men for a Library West and How the land should be developed to! A cloudless western sky, silvers the long line of the Mormon was... On October 6, 1765, they accompanied its march ) its causes and consequences Copyright ( ). Passed, and sent to Salt Lake Valley than seven hundred miles before gaining Bridger... Was overruled, and the nearby civilian town of Fairfield represented the reports!